Chucky Cheese
Hello Netters;

To quote the famous or infamous Ice Cube the rapper, (Yes, Ice Cube was a famous rapper at one time) "Today was a good day". Until... Until I saw that GOD AWFUL straight to video trailer for the new Child's Play "film" coming out. Has Holly-Weird truly run out of ideas? Granted it will be a straight to DVD flick so obviously the creators knew they weren't making Citizen Kane, but I am not too ashamed to tell you that at one point in my life the chuckster gave me a few "oh shits".

Ahh, the memories. Time to take the time machine way back to the early 90s folks. That's when I dusted off the VHS tape, put her in the VCR, turned off the lights and watched grainy images of a talking doll cutting mofos down with a knife. I had to be about nine or ten at the time. Old enough to know that a movie about a serial killing doll was silly, but still young enough to be entertained by it. I can't lie, I did jump once or twice but I thought Chuckles was more cool than scary.

Looking at the new trailer did give me nostalgia,(and nausea) so I decided I would relive my VHS memories using the power of the personal computer, And once again, I was amused at the sheer absurdity of the concept that is Chucky. This time I found myself laughing at things that only twenty plus years of retrospective can bring. Things like "80s hair", the terrible special effects, etc. The acting was wooden, but that hasn't changed much with regards to horror films. So all in all, now that I think about it, that trailer did more good for me than ill. It put me back in touch with my youth, and all the great memories that can along with it. So I guess I'm saying, Cheers Holly-Weird! keep on making those cash grab remakes and reboots of classics from yesteryear. It gives me a reason on occasion to revisit simpler times....


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